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"...can deliver a sly silent glance or a raucous laugh with equal aplomb..."
—Brad Hathaway, the Hill Rag


Now playing

Laura Giannarelli and Lynn Steinmetz in
Back To Methuselah

Laura directed It's A Wonderful Life:
A Live Radio Play
the Washington Stage Guild.

She will next appear in
Back To Methuselah at Stage Guild
(March 23 through April 16, 2017).

Post review Lesson From Aloeson "A Lesson From Aloes"

Laura also played Lady Bracknell
in The Importance of Being Earnest
at Annapolis Shakespeare Company.
And played Muriel in
Michael Hollinger's Tiny Island
and the Oracle in Shaw's
Back To Methuselah

Other directing assignments include
In Praise of Love, The Old Masters,
Dante’s Inferno, Village Wooing
and Faith Healer.

Laura Giannarelli Library of Congress

An actor and narrator based in Washington D.C., Laura has narrated over 950 audio books to date for the Library of Congress (with hundreds more engineered and edited). Titles narrated include the Alexander Scourby Award-winning Little House on the Prairie series (she narrated Wilder's "newest" title, the unabridged Pioneer Girl).
As actor, Laura played Sister Aloysius in Doubt for Baltimore’s Everyman Theatre; toured with the Kennedy Center in a play for young people about Russian Jewish immigrants, Dreams in the Golden Country; played the role of Mrs. Pearce in the Stage Guild's Pygmalion; and Elizabeth in the critically acclaimed Angel Street at Olney Theatre in Maryland. Laura played Amalia in Motti Lerner's Pangs of the Messiah at Theatre J.
  Currently the President of the Stage Guild’s Board, Laura is a founding company member, where she has appeared in more than 30 plays since 1986.
  Favorite roles in past seasons with the Guild include Lady Chiltern in An Ideal Husband, Teresa in The Memory of Water, Mademoiselle in An Empty Plate in the Café du Grand Boeuf, Mercy Lott in Humble Boy, and the Woman in The Unexpected Man.
  Laura is a narrating coach for Tunarelli sharing her expertise in coaching sessions before and during the studio recording process, giving direction to those preparing for v-o and specifically the audio book business.  
  As former chair of the local Equity Liaison committee for Actors' Equity Association, she helped local theaters and actors further their understanding of how Equity operates. Laura isa proud member of SAG-AFTRA.


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